Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

The search engine industry has always been customer-driven – whoever finds the best answer fastest wins. Before Google, the best answer was defined by the highest bidding marketer who often cared more about profit than the consumer. Consumers didn’t like that, but their feelings didn’t seem to matter much.

Google changed the game by defining the best answer from the consumer’s point of view, not the marketers. By carefully assessing how happy online searchers are with the answers they get, the search engines have become modern marvels.

Modern search engines measure customer satisfaction as a quality burden that all players must satisfy; business owners, online marketers and the search engines. And that is the key. By aligning goals with the search engines everyone wins.

We believe in the inbound marketing concept of creating, optimizing, and promoting content. But online marketers and business owners are badly misunderstanding the role of optimization. Optimizing is the complicated process of matching the needs of online searchers, the search engines and your best solution – faster, easier and better than your competitors.

Optimization is your response to the quality demands of your online visitors. It is your ability to understand your visitors, anticipate their needs, and dazzle them with your solutions, your delivery, and ultimately your brand. This is a constant alignment of your online presence, your brand, your online visitors and the search engines. This is a complicated dance performed at algorithmic speeds driven by customer satisfaction and the competition.

Crystal Clear SEO  is part of automation and part brand optimization strategies that lead to better branding. We put the focus on your online traffic by making the connection between user experience, actual on page behaviors,  and your best solution. This constant analysis combines with lightning-fast adjustments to the site; including content, offers and personalization all to satisfy both the consumer and the search engines need to provide the best answers in the fastest time.

In the model of create, optimize and promote content – optimization creates the emotional connection to your company’s brand promise. The best branding is triggered by a visual or auditory stimulus that bypasses thought and leads to an immediate emotional response. We love branding because brands communicate faster and easier than thought. And we know everyone loves faster and easier – especially the search engines.

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