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To Improve SEO Ranking Just Answer The Question

Improve SEO Ranking

Search engine ranking is critical to your online marketing, but Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing discipline. This is not about gimmicks; it is about process, consistency and longevity. We have found that aligning with the search engines is a great way to achieve competition killing results. We have coined a name for it; Search Answer Optimization (SAO).

All the search engines have customers who simply want answers to questions. The search engines want to serve up any website that has proven they can answer questions fastest on the searchers first try. What answers can you provide? What questions are being asked of your product and/or service? This is deeper than long or short tail keywords. It also involves your site architecture, the behavior of visitors to your site, and the authority you wield in your industry.

If you want to improve your ranking, then start with your keywords and play the reverse Jeopardy game. Turn your keywords into questions that must be answered to the satisfaction of online searchers. Take the keyword “jump starter” for instance and brainstorm some immediate questions: Cheapest jump starter? Portable jump starter? Safest jump starter? Available jump starter? Jump starter in stock? Easiest jump starter? Etc…. Now which of these questions does your product answer? Which identifies product attributes that you want to answer? Would you rather be in the business selling cheapest jump starter or the safest jump starter. Make sure your product’s attributes align with the questions you want to be the answer for.

Safest beats cheapest for purposes of this discussion, there is more value to provide in being safest. So now we build content that speaks to safety. We promote and optimize for the question; Safest jump starter. We align our on-page, content and social media around that answer. The result is much better ranking for that keyword: safest jump starter. The search engines are happy because we can provide a fast accurate answer to the searchers question. The searcher is happy because they found lots of information related to safety and jump starting. And the merchant is happy because they are ranked higher than the competition and they have more website visitors and conversions than before. That is what we call Search Answer Optimization.

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